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Letter to Altec Lansing:

Dear Customer Service Staff:

I just went to the Post Office after preparing a box for your defective product. The cost of sending the speakers back to you is $17. The speakers cost $45. The cost of shipping the defective speakers to you is 37% of the original cost of the speakers. The best I can hope for would be to get back the same speakers for a overall cost of $62.

I tried to reply to this email message via the link below, but it is dead. So, I am submitting my complaint to you. I was able to utilize a seven year old Logitech speaker system I had in storage in place of your defective product.

Selling defective products to the public and then requiring that they pay for shipping them back to you is terrible customer relations. You have lost a customer for life here. I will be posting this message on any Altec boards that I can find on the internet. So please post as bad a rating as is available on your customer ratings as the ability for me to do so via your link is not available.


Brian Bailey

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Are you talking about Logitech? or are you talking about Altec Lansing? they are 2 different products.

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